July 1st – 3rd 2011 – Chioggia Sottomarina (Italy).

Even this year the “King of Diga” (www.kingeventi.com) was “sold out”!! Although it is a free event this word is extremely right. Thousands of people arrived on the beach to watch one of the most exciting freestyle contests of the Italian summer. On July 1st – 2nd – 3rd, on the beach of Chioggia Sottomarina, Italy, competed freestyle riders of the most thrilling disciplines including freestyle moto cross, half pipe with rollerblades and skateboards, races with water motos, making “King” an “extra-ordinary” event.

Neveplast contributed also this year with the ramp realized right on the seashore, a structure 15 metres high and 50 long, with air mattress for the landing, and covered with Neveplast surface, from which freestyle skiers and snowboarders jumped: challenges with breathtaking evolutions made tourists and passionates astonished.

The Neveplast brand new kicker made the ramp even more exciting, and riders, adults but also young from the Italian freestyle ski team, never stopped jumping for all the three days event, experiencing the same emotions that generally are felt in winter on ski resorts, but this time on the beach observed by a huge public.

“King Of Diga” was reviewed and commented at national level by televisions and radio stations among which “Sky Sport 2 HD” and “Radio 105” registering, according to organizers, a new attendance record this year.

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