March 2014, Budapest (Hungary)

The company “4Seasons” operates in Hungary three ski slopes realized with the Neveplast NP30 material. The last slope was recently opened in the capital Budapest. This slope is used as a ski school for approaching skiing and snowboarding both in collective courses as well as in private lessons. During the school year there are 39 weekly courses organized for the schools as well as private lessons for those that want to learn the first moves at a reasonable cost.

4Seasons is an established company that offers the same services as a ski resort such as pampering the customer and having a great day of sport. Janos Koszegi, the owner and manager of 4Seasons says, “Other than the ski slopes realized with Neveplast NP30 we also have a convenient tow rope provided by Sunkid, ski rentals, a bar where you can also organize birthday celebrations, 11 ski and three snowboard instructors”. The success of the 4Seasons concept confirms that you can create urban areas of entertainment and sport with Neveplast that brings many people, in particular children, to the world of mountains.

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