New Neveplast Year-Round Skiing at Mont Tremblant, Quebec’s largest ski resort.

The synergy between Neveplast’s innovation and Canada’s skiing tradition creates an exciting combination that promises to enhance the skiing experience for enthusiasts worldwide.


At Mont Tremblant, a renowned ski resort in Quebec set to host an Alpine Skiing World Cup race in December, skiing is now possible on a 4,800 square meter Neveplast skiing surface, even in the summer months without snow. The two Neveplast slopes are located in the learning section of the Équilibre track, near the pedestrian village of Tremblant. In addition to providing the opportunity to practice skiing during the summer months, they ensure the timely opening of the facilities at the beginning of the season in case of limited snowfall.

The slopes have been constructed using two different types of Neveplast materials: the upper and wider section, Upper Equilibre, features the brand-new NP30 FREESKI, which, due to its design and composition, offers an ideal terrain for intermediate skiers or snowboarders seeking pure fun during their descent. In the lower and narrower part, Lower Equilibre, the NP30 ALPINE is used, which is also perfect for technical exercises for novice skiers and snowboarders.

Niccolò Bertocchi, CEO of Neveplast:
We are honored that a resort like Mont Tremblant has chosen Neveplast’s technology, innovation, and quality to expand the skiing offerings even during the summer periods when natural snow skiing isn’t possible. I was present at the inauguration on August 18th, and I saw skiers and snowboarders of all ages and skill levels excited about this new experience. I am confident that the new slope will be successful: its central location, expert management, and Canadians’ passion for winter sports are all promising signs.”

Ski slope management

For skiers and snowboarders, there’s the possibility to rent equipment through an on-site ski, snowboard, and accessory rental service. For beginners or anyone looking to refine their technique, a ski and snowboard school is available with specialized instructors. The use of the slope, including equipment rental, costs 37 Canadian dollars (approximately 25 euros) per hour for adults and 33 dollars for children.

A Significant Step for Canada and Neveplast

The recent introduction of Neveplast slopes at Mont Tremblant marks a significant milestone for both parties involved. For Neveplast, it represents a flag missing from its personal map: while the Bergamo-based company had undertaken small projects in Canada in the past, nothing as significant and important as the installation at Mont Tremblant. It’s another valuable piece in the puzzle of the company’s international expansion strategy, which, 25 years after its founding, remains deeply rooted in Italy but with an increasingly pronounced international orientation.

For Mont Tremblant and Canada, a nation with a long and captivating skiing tradition, this slope represents a new chapter in its history and a wonderful addition to the North American ski industry. The synergy between Neveplast’s expertise and Canada’s skiing tradition creates an exciting combination that promises to enhance the skiing experience for enthusiasts worldwide.

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