We are excited to announce the launch of our new and innovative SKIDDY.

We have been hard at work to create a solution with all of our clients in mind. The brand new Neveplast Skiddy is tasked with picking up the legacy of the first model, created about 10 years ago, and was born out of the need to provide the kart drifting experience greater wear resistance and an increased grip feeling.

The result is still excellent drifting, yet with a little more control. In fact, while drifting – the soul of Skiddy – remains unchanged, the new blend and geometric shape, allows for an increased control. The direct consequence is an upgrade in terms of greater fun and performance.

After the initial months of testing, we built the first track with the new Neveplast Skiddy in Livigno, Italy. This is the same track where we first launched Skiddy in 2013. The results appear to be excellent and the feedback from both the public and the facility managers is enthusiastic and exciting.

Drivers can now set the key phase of turns entry, controlling the kart’s drifting to their liking. When the drifting of the kart is too prominent, the new Neveplast Skiddy allows for an easier and more intuitive recovery of the kart. In terms of design, the new Skiddy speaks the same language as the first generation although, in terms of aesthetics, it demonstrates a further step forwards in terms of guaranteeing resistance to wear and tear in the long run.

The new Skiddy will be offered in light blue, yet, like all Neveplast products, upon request, it will be available in various colors and customizable to meet the client’s preferences.

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