May 2011, Kampung (Indonesia).

In May a particular installation was realized in Indonesia. In Bandung, a city with 4 million inhabitants on the Island of Java, the largest and most important amusement park of the area, Kampung Gajah, has chosen Neveplast products for the enlargement of its offer.� In record time have been realized three straight Tubby slopes 85 metres long each and one 90 metres long supplied with parabolic turns. The straight slopes, in white colour, �have been assembled for the first time with a width 3 metres respect to the standard size of 2 metres, and prove to be suitable for the sliding of more snow tubes in tandem. The slopes can reach a top speed of 40 Km/H. The stop is guaranteed by a large number of brakes and a braking zone of 35 metres which goes slightly uphill. Neveplast opens up new horizons and Tubby, which has met with great success with more than 500 installations, lands on a new continent and present itself as an important attraction for the amusement parks.

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