Neveplast lands in Vietnam in the prestigious Ho May Park

2018 is the year of celebrations for Neveplast! This is the 20th anniversary of the company and to celebrate this, nothing is better than exceeding the 1.700 installations and amusement rides worldwide.

Our latest Asian reference is located in the prestigious location of Ho May amusement park. Among several attractions that the park has to offers to its thousands of tourists each year, is the spectacular cableway, which offers a dreamlike view of the surrounding area Ho May Amusement Park also chose two Neveplast attractions for this year, a TUBBY structure with 4 breathtaking slides and a S-KID track with special mini-karts for an amazing drifting experience.

The TUBBY structure at Ho May Amusement Park is built 14 meters high with 4 slides of 80 meters long.

Neveplast has now more than 1,700 TUBBY installations worldwide and our concept attracts customers from all types of amusement industry. Our Tubby concept is embraced by children and adults alike with nonstop smiling as they ride down our lanes.

TUBBY slides do not require any electricity or water to operate, and also has a capacity of 300 rides per hours on one lane of  TUBBY.   TUBBY is also an activity that can run 365 days a year with almost no operating costs.

Neveplast also installed a S-KID track in Ho May Amusement Park of 20 by 25 metres S-KID track.  There was no big space required for this S-KID project. The brand new exciting concept invented by Neveplast includes the surface for drifting, special mini-karts and safety barriers. An all-inclusive package for a total fun experience. In the opening day hundreds of kids finally challenged each other in spectacular counter steering and drifting. S-KID is a product developed for a target age range from 7 to 15 years old, where the thrilling idea of drifting with karts is revisited in an “urban” style, giving this attraction the possibility to be operated all year round, without climate constrains.

Neveplast: innovative ideas for the most demanding parks!

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