TUBBY TUNNEL: dinosaurs land on the TUBBY slopes

Starting today, there is a place where everyone can wander on board our snowtubes and defy dinosaurs’ fury. This place is called TUBBY TUNNEL.

The new TUBBY TUNNEL combined with our traditional TUBBY slope makes your ride down the mountain unforgettable. The TUBBY TUNNEL, in fact, brings its visitors straight to the heart of the Jurassic forest, immersed in sounds, evocative images and thematic lights which make the entire experience extremely immersive and entertaining.

Through a voyage in time of 200 million years, TUBBY TUNNEL welcomes you in the dinosaurs’ land. Once crossed the door of the tunnel, on board of our SNOW TUBES, you will be catapulted in a Jurassic world, whose atmosphere and setting offer a unique adventure.

An exciting and frightening journey which brings adults and children back in time, to the days in which the earth was populated by huge animals extinct thousands years ago.

The Jurassic theme is a standard one, but we will be more then welcome to satisfy further requests you may have for other customizations.


The TUBBY TUNNEL, 12 meters long, is provided with internal and external graphics in a Jurassic Park style, with UV and black lights enhancing the fluo designs inside the tunnel. A strategic retractable system enables the small internal lights to be hidden and, therefore, to be invisible to the guests.
The Tunnel is assembled directly on a TUBBY slope and can be placed on both, a new or an old one.
The “journey” through the tunnel lasts only a few seconds but it offers a unique and unforgettable experience on board of our SNOW TUBES.


TUBBY TUNNEL CUSTOM is the latest and most advanced version of the TUBBY TUNNEL. On top of all the characteristics already present in the basic version, it completely meets customers’ demand by becoming fully customizable, in terms of both, design and sounds.
The external graphic of the TUBBY TUNNEL CUSTOM is completely customizable according to the client’s fantasy.
In order to make the TUNNEL CUSTOM even more suggestive, special sound effects are present to fill the tunnel itself during the visitor’s ride. Sounds are also fully customizable according to the chosen thematization.

The tunnel is provided with a control unit to manage the special effects which automatically starts operating thanks to special motion detectors placed at the entrance of the tunnel.

During the summer 2020 we assembled a prototype of the Tubby Tunnel on one of our slopes in Selvino, a well-known town and ski resort in the province of Bergamo, very popular also in the summer season. In Selvino there is a ski slope in Neveplast material which has been completely renovated in recent months, and three Tubby slopes of different lengths and configurations, also recently and carefully restyled.

Marco Ghilardi, President of Selvino Sport.

“The Tubby Tunnel was assembled in July 2020 on one of our straight Tubby slopes and it remained there until the closing of the summer park. A true success in many ways. This novelty was appreciated and welcomed with great enthusiasm not only by the children but also by the adults and operators.

Something new and fresh was much needed to expand and refresh the tubing offer indeed. We were among the first, at least in Italy, to believe and invest in the Neveplast Tubby as an attraction for the summer season to offer family-friendly fun. Many families choose Selvino every year thanks to the presence of our tubing slopes which never go out of style.

Even if I personally consider the Tubby an “evergreen”, the TUNNEL adds some spice and adrenaline to the ride, making it even more suggestive. The children get on the snowtubes and when they enter the tunnel they are suddenly catapulted into a Jurassic cave. A spectacular, quick, and immersive scenery shift which makes the descent an adventure to experience over and over again.

This summer like never before I saw parents struggling in bringing their kids back home when they ran out of time for the Tubby, and I believe that this is the real and most valid measure to understand whether an attraction works or not.” 

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