NEVEPLAST TUBBY goes viral in Ukraine


From the Carpathians to Lviv region, Neveplast Tubby is getting increasingly popular in Ukraine as well.

During the summer-autumn period of 2020, many ski resorts, amusement parks & tourist villages around the Ukraine have increasingly opted for NEVEPLAST TUBBY to enrich what they can offer. All the while considering the implications of the ongoing pandemic emergency.

These installations include the Active Park within the Eco Sadyba Familia, a tourist facility located in the heart of the Carpathians and designed for ‘green holidays’ in Eco-cottages. Also the famous Ururu Park, featuring a Jurassic theme & the Izhak Park, location of the longest winter snowtubing slopes in Europe.


In the heart of the Carpathians, 35 km from the Bukovel ski resort, is the Eco Sadyba Familia, resort especially designed for green holidays in Eco-cottages. The resort is surrounded by nature and offers a wide range of family friendly activities.
One of the most popular in the surrounding area is the Active Park, where our TUBBY NEVEPLAST JUMP stands out. Our NEVEPLAST TUBBY (50 meters long) has been nicely incorporated in the Eco-resort thanks to its Eco-friendly soul. NEVEPLAST TUBBY is a special plastic material, environmentally compatible and completely regenerable. It does not contain harmful substances and, once installed, it guarantees a long-term usage and low operation costs.

Inside the Ururu Park, best known themed park in the Lviv region, right in the middle of the animated dinosaur path, there are now two brand new TUBBY TRACKS installed.
The tracks, realized in partnership with Artis, have different length and setups and offer enhanced sensorial experiences. For those willing to defy gravity, the 80-meter long NEVEPLAST TUBBY slope with two parabolic turns is ideal. For downhill enthusiasts looking for thrill, the 4-meter-wide straight TUBBY SLOPE is preferable instead.
The Ururu Park, located in the Viking Bat is one of the most famous amusement parks in the region, and thanks to its fancy thematization it has become a place of interest for family getaways.

Those who enter Ururu park are suddenly catapulted into the Jurassic era and find themselves walking among animated and very realistic reconstructions of prehistoric animals that lived millions of years ago.
An experiential adventure for the whole family that becomes even more adrenaline-pumping thanks to the Neveplast tubing slopes: simple and intuitive fun for young and adults. The carnet offered by the park is very convenient: 15 tubing runs.

Different configurations are suitable for an audience ranging from 6 to 90 years old, while two smaller tracks are meant for small children up to two years of age.

NEVEPLAST TUBBY was chosen again by the owners of the Urhuru Park not only because of the high-quality provided, but also because it represents a safe outdoor activity which guarantees, in this very difficult moment, the required social distancing imposed by the National Health authorities.

The beauty of Ukraine is especially prominent in the Lviv region, where the cultural capital of the country (Lviv) is located. In this region, particularly in the amusement park Izhak Park, the NEVEPLAST TUBBY SLOPE takes the lion’s share.
Located in the homonymous ski resort, Izhak Park claims the national record for the longest winter tubing slopes. Thanks to the innovative snow-making system, it is possible, on the slopes of Hedgehog Park, to enjoy winter snowtubing on both, natural and man-made snow.

The tubing adventure is guaranteed also during the summer season, thanks to the installation of two brand new NEVEPLAST TUBBY SLOPES.Both the slopes are 100 meters long.

NEVEPLAST slopes for winter and summer tubing are the ultimate attraction for adventurous children and their parents, who might be willing to enjoy themselves a lighthearted ride on board of our snowtubes.

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