Ski All Year Round with Neveplast: The New Era of Cross-Country Skiing

We are excited to present our latest evolution in cross-country skiing products: a technologically advanced material and a new format for classic technique that represents a new era for cross-country skiing tracks available all year round. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced skier, our track offers a unique opportunity to train and have fun even in the city, regardless of the weather, and in a sustainable way.

Urban Ski Lab: The Heart of Urban Skiing

The first Neveplast track with the new material was created at the Urban Ski Lab within the Polaresco space in Bergamo. Since autumn 2016, local school students have been learning to ski in the schoolyard during physical education classes. Over the years, Urban Ski Lab has become a point of reference for the people of Bergamo and beyond. The cross-country ski track project was the last missing piece of the small and “exclusive” Neveplast ski resort located in the heart of Bergamo.

A Completely Renewed Track

The Neveplast cross-country ski track has undergone an ambitious restyling that not only expanded it but also introduced a new configuration to ensure an experience as close as possible to that on natural snow. Here are the highlights of our innovation:

  • State-of-the-Art Materials: The use of Neveplast FREESKI for free technique offers greater glide and better edge grip compared to the previous material. This translates to the possibility of training and having fun on a track that perfectly simulates natural snow conditions.
  • Innovative Configuration: The most significant change is that for classic technique, there is no longer a defined entrance and exit. The skier can choose at any time when to change technique, just like on a natural snow cross-country ski track.
  • Realistic Experience: The new Neveplast material allows skiing with sensations very similar to those experienced on a snow-covered track. This means that skiers can refine their techniques and enjoy their favorite sport at any time of the year, without compromise.

Dimensions and Sustainability

Our cross-country ski track includes a long loop of 170 meters and a smaller one of 95 meters. The space for free technique is 700 sqm, and 100 sqm for classic technique. Everything is made in Italy and highly sustainable.

In conclusion, with Neveplast we are ushering in a new era of cross-country skiing, allowing everyone to practice this exciting sport all year round, anywhere, with minimal environmental impact. Come and discover our track in Bergamo and experience the new era of skiing.

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