Phase one completed!

The first phase of the restyling of the Tallington Lakes Ski & Snowboard Centre has been completed with a new nursery slope. 800 square meters of the ski slope has been re-shaped and resurfaced with Neveplast mat.

Phases two and three, which will see the main slope reshaped and resurfaced, will be completed in 2019, followed by a new freestyle area. The replacement of the old synthetic surface with the more performant one made by Neveplast on the main ski slope is inserted into a bigger project to make Tallington Lakes one of the favourite destinations in the UK, not only for families and beginners, but also for athletes, ski instructors and ski and freestyle champions.

Tallington Lakes, a well – known tourism location in Lincolnshire thanks to the beautiful landscapes and variety of activities for families, is now also a popular venue for the BASI (British Association of Snow sports Instructors) training sessions. Thanks to the brand new Neveplast surface, British instructors have enthusiastically stated that Tallington Lakes & Snowboard Centre will become a complete ski center with a nursery area where people can start skiing and snowboarding. The freestyle area is equipped with modules for any level and a ski slope that, given its size, will be the fastest in the UK.


Neveplast-Dry-Ski-Slopes Neveplast-Dry-Ski-Slopes
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