Neveplast Green

Environmental sustainability

In business since 1998, the year of its foundation, Neveplast is specialised in the construction of ski slopes in plastic material, as well as being among the main players in the recreational sector in relation to activities that are normally carried out on snow (tubing, sklide and drifting kart). In the space of 25 years of business activity, the company has been able to transform itself into a reality markedly suited to exports, recognised internationally for excellence in its sector, while maintaining its identity as a family business strongly rooted in the Bergamo area and with products totally made in Italy.

In recent years, despite the bad backlash due to the pandemic emergency, it has seen its turnover grow and together with economic growth it has brought about a significant acceleration in the direction of ever greater attention to the issue of environmental sustainability. A green soul has always been part of Neveplast’s DNA and over time it has reviewed its way of operating and doing business to comply with growing environmental regulations with increasingly eco-compatible behaviour.

Neveplast products are virtuous in several respects: they are not dispersed into the environment and are completely recycled; this means that once the life cycle is over, through a transformation process, the slopes are recycled and are ready for use again. Furthermore, for their use, the systems do not require the use of electricity and water, except in the case of very long slopes where, however, reduced quantities are consumed through nebulization. Furthermore, Neveplast slopes built in the city become a virtuous example of sustainable mobility as ski gyms that are easily accessible also by public transport.

Niccolò Bertocchi CEO Neveplast
“Our goal, with a view to increasingly green development, is to find the right balance between renewable sources and secondary raw materials with increasingly sustainable products. Two years ago we launched a new version of our flagship product for ski slopes NP30 Freeski Sustainable with the project being carried out in Stockholm”

Carbon Footprint

Neveplast has completed THE CALCULATION OF ITS CARBON FOOTPRINT PURSUANT TO THE ISO 14064-1 STANDARD FOR THE YEAR 2021. The study measures the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced, directly and indirectly, by the activities carried out by an organisation in a given period of time. Through an analysis of the results of this study, Neveplast aims to reduce the value of CO₂ emitted into the environment.

This activity represents the first step of a broader Neveplast strategy in terms of sustainability: the long-term goal is to ensure increasingly important standards in environmental and social terms by responsibly contributing to the containment of waste and the achievement of the goals (Sustainable Development Goals) set by the United Nations in the 2030 Agenda on climate change.

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