Neveplast in Livigno makes it a treble: Tubby, Skiddy and adds Snowpark.

Neveplast in Livigno makes treble: after the Skiddy and the Tubby comes the Snowpark in the village.  

After the adrenaline rush of Tubing and the Skiddy track to drift with go karts, Livigno is enriched with another Neveplast facility. From summer 2021 a snowpark made of Neveplast material has been operational in the central area of Livigno: a tool for established riders and aspiring riders who can improve their technique and style even in summer, with skis and snowboards on their feet even without the snow.  

The Layout of the Snowpark20 Freestyle area, in Neveplast material, was built and managed by the Snowpark Twenty crew. 

In the park, 5 different Neveplast lines have been designed for the riders  different tastes and technical abilities. Each line is characterized by the presence of different structures: boxes and  tubes where you can try tricks, and a line of humps for cross SBX and ski specialists to train for   the delicate phase of the start section in border races. 

 Livigno has been established for years in the freestyle disciplines, building an enviable reputation on the world scene. Neveplast is very proud to be represented  in such an important way in Livigno

Niccolò Bertocchi AD Neveplast

Livigno has been building a reputation for years in the disciplines of freestyle, growing an enviable reputation in the world panorama of the mountain tourism sector. But it does not end there! We at Neveplast are very proud to be presented in such an important way in Livigno. The first track we installed was the tubing track, then in 2013 we opened the Skiddy track of the Bormolini brothers which allows for the opportunity to ‘drift’ with summer and winter go-karts in the center of the town. And now we have the new snowpark of the Snowpark Twenty crew.

For us it is a real privilege as well as a fantastic showcase to have three fixed systems that represent our flagship products in the same location .. and what a location.”

Livigno will soon be one of the sporting capitals of the Milan/ Cortina 2026 Games and will have all the eyes of the world focused on it. “

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