Neveplast realized the longest dry ski slope in the world

In Russia Neveplast realized the longest artificial ski slope in the world.

The 2019 season with Neveplast ends with a bang. Since 27 December at Veduchi, a small ski output in the northern Caucasus region, one can ski on the longest ski slope made of artificial material in the world. The slope is more than a kilometer long, exactly 1.130 meters. With a world record length, the previous longest slope made of artificial material was opened in Kagura, Japan in 2016 and measured 1.100 m. Crushing this record length, Neveplast enters the Guinness world of winners.

“Beyond the world-wide award, that gives us nonetheless, great prestige- our greatest satisfaction– smiles Niccolò Bertocchi, managing director of Neveplast- is to have been able to win the trust of a market, the Russian market, in which we hope that with time, will allow us to have many opportunities for expansion of our business. We appreciate the ability for our Russian clients to have a vision to invest concretely in technological innovations with the objective to de-season winter sports.

You can find the slope in Veduchi, in the Chechen republic, a small skiing outpost in which, along with other ski resorts in the northern Caucasus region, the client has decided to invest heavily in tourism requalifications. The objective, in which Neveplast was able to help, 

is to lengthen the winter tourist season and to attract Russian citizens and tourists to pass their vacations in the zone, winter or summer.

The station in Veduchi, with the ski slope, also has a ski lift that has been in operation for 2 years. Now, with the opening of the Neveplast slope, it is possible to ski all year round.

The real record– jokes Niccolò Bertocchi- was to deliver the slope to our clients in a very short amount of time given the finalizing of the order. We had to rush and many of our employees had to skip Christmas Eve dinner to finish the slope in time for the inauguration on December 27. But these are sacrifices that we obviously make voluntarily– concludes Bertocchi- “We’re a great team and we and to think that now even kids, as well as those Chechens passionate about winter sports, can learn to ski in their region and hopefully test our slopes makes us very happy. The more skiers on Neveplast, the more skiers in the mountain snow: this is our motto.”

Those present at the opening and inauguration of the slopes in Veduchi were:

The first vice president of the Russian Federation of northern caucasus affairs Odes Baysultanov, the minister of tourism in Islamic Chechnya Baitaziev, and the CEO of KSK Khasan Timizhev.

They were given the privilege to first test the longest ski slope in the world outfitted with artificial Neveplast material and accessible all year round.

“Veduchi has been transformed into an attraction for the residents and guests of the Chechnya republic – declared Odes Baysultanov, president of the KSK administration council- the statement repeated in a post on the official instagram page @veduchi_ski.- The resort in Veduchi is still in its first phase of development but the strategic dynamics that have been put in place makes us excited for the future. Since this time, tourism has quintupled  thanks to the many options available to tourists and the Neveplast slope which guarantees winter sports 365 days a year, it will be a fantastic advertisement” –concludes Baysultanov.

The active support of the head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Akhmatovich Kadyrov, during the operation was fundamental

#thelandofheroes is the hashtag used in the minister of Chechen tourism, Muslim Baitaziev’s instagram posts “Our objective is to make Veduchi a place not only where one wishes to visit, but to also return with family and friends.”

Those first present at the opening invited the hosts to become ambassadors of the resort in Veduchi, according to their personal abilities and desires, since the few residents in the region could become the references for those who vacation in Chechnya. Furthermore, it could become a place where children can grow together learning winter sports in a natural environment with enviable conditions.

For Neveplast, the final installation of the year of the slope in Chechnya closes a season worth framing regarding professional progress. The other project, inaugurated in October of 2019, which for the unique peculiarity of the slope drew the attention of the media around the world, is the ski slope that Neveplast constructed in central Copenhagen on the roof of a waste-to-energy plant. For those who have not heard of the project, all one should do is google Copenhill (the name of the slope) and pages and pages of the media surrounding the project will appear.





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