NP30 FREESKI: a true revolution in the artificial ski slopes’ industry.

NP30 FREESKI: skiing on a dry ski slope has never been so easy!

In a moment of great changes and deep uncertainty, we at Neveplast chose not to stop, by leveraging our knowledge and professionalism.
It is with great pleasure that we present you the new Neveplast NP30 FREESKI, Neveplast’s latest innovation aimed at revolutionizing the artificial ski slopes’ industry.
While the NP30 ALPINE surface simulates skiing on a layer of hard and compact snow, the new Neveplast FREESKI feels more like natural snow thanks to the revolutionary technology applied and the different pattern of the stems, which guarantees an easy side grip.
Neveplast FREESKI is ideal for everyone looking for pure fun and adrenaline. In a few words, it is user-friendly and “forgives little mistakes”.

The target that Neveplast FREESKI addresses is wide and made up of skiers and snowboarders of high level. Neveplast FREESKI is also ideal for pro riders willing to improve their style and technique, as they look for excellent slipperiness and optimal side grip.

Skiing and snowboarding on the new Neveplast FREESKI is extremely easy and intuitive: an exciting experience which is pretty similar to the one on natural snow.
We have always taken inspiration from snow and tried to bring to life its closest replication. With Neveplast NP30 FREESKI we believe we made it!

As other Neveplast products, NP30 FREESKI does not dissipate in the environment is completely regenerable, and its usage contributes to saving great amounts of electricity and water.
Preserving the nature and fighting pollution, as well as encouraging an eco-friendly development are principles in which Neveplast deeply believes.

Neveplast NP30 FREESKI was developed starting from the Neveplast NP30 ALPINE, which remains our leading product, especially for expert skiers chasing a perfect technique.

NP30 FREESKI is adjacent to NP30 ALPINE, equally efficient in terms of performance, but thanks to the revolutionary pattern applied, even more cross-sectional.

NP30 FREESKI satisfies all kind of skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts: beginners, freestylers willing to do tricks in the park and those looking for moments of fun.
It is ideal in every season, even in the summer, when snow is not an option in many places.

Niccolò Bertocchi Neveplast CEO

“For some years we have been working on a new material which simulates skiing on softer snow and makes the experience even funnier for everybody. Thanks to the new technology and pattern applied, I believe that Np30 FREESKI will be a revolutionary product, one that the artificial ski slopes’ industry was certainly missing. I say it as a manager, but first as a great ski enthusiast. Skiing on Neveplast FREESKI in really funny and makes it even easier. You feel like you can turn off your brain for a minute, not think about the perfection of the technique, free your mind and enjoy a wonderful feeling of freedom.

Neveplast Np30 ALPINE remains our leading product, specifically thought for advanced skiers and athletes who train in the gates. In other words, for all those who chase a perfect technique on Neveplast’s surfaces and then try to replicate the same skiing on real snow. But I’m biased. Try and listen the opinion of Michela Moioli”.

Michela Moioli, SBX Olympic gold medalist at the Pyeongchang 2018 winter Olympics.

“The new Neveplast FREESKI gave me excellent sensations from the very beginning. The first thing that comes to my mind is: wow, it’s really fun! It feels like snowboarding on fresh snow, it’s easy and suitable for riders of all levels”.


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