February 2015, South America

The recreational sports products of Neveplast have also made inroads in the last territory still without installations, or South America to be precise. Shouts, screams and a large number of people who poured into the main lobby. The customers of the popular El Tesoro shopping centre in Medellin, Colombia, will certainly have wondered where all this turmoil came from and what caused it. Three Tubby snowtubing tracks were In a space of only 40 metres long and 10 metres wide; two straight tracks and a high-adrenaline U-Tube track, to entertain adults, eager to try out new excitements, as well as children, who now love to go back to the shopping centre for new thrilling descents while waiting for their parents to complete their purchases. The tracks were installed on top of a metal structure assembled by the customer following Neveplast’s detailed drawings and instructions. “No hands in the air” is the slogan used in most of the attractions’ regulations, but nothing can stop the broad smiles of Tubby slope enthusiasts at a beach in Buenos Aires. A metal frame with two straight 35 metre Tubby runs was installed In the Argentine capital at the “Parque de los Niños”, and another at the “Parque Indoamericano”. The municipality opted for Neveplast slopes as its main attraction in the “Buenos Aires Playa” summer programme of activities and events.

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