November 2011, Alps.

During the Fall, before the upcoming Winter season, more and more ski resorts have chosen Neveplast Np70 for their loading and unloading chairlift areas, as well as in the uphill areas. As new references there are the installations which have been realized in Alpspitz (Germany) where Np70 has been assembled in the loading and unloading area of the Alsptzbahn*, that is a telemix, an hybrid between a gondola and a chairlift; in Austria, in the small ski resort of Stans*, north of Innsbruck, NP70 is currently used in the uphill area of the skilift, to avoid the artificial snow-making in the steepest area which is also the most distant from the snow making plant, eliminating the high costs of handling and production of the snow; in the beautiful Alpe di Siusi (Italy), at the foot of Sciliar Massif, Neveplast has been chosen by Funivie Rabanser S.r.l. to facilitate the crossing of the small roads with skis, while guaranteeing the easy access to the hotels by cars.

* Projects realized together with partner Sunkid.

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