A Neveplast ski slope in La Foux d’Allos (France)

A Neveplast ski slope in La Foux d’Allos (France)

The ski resort La Foux d’Allos, in France in the heart of the Southern Alps, where in winter you can ski on 230 km of snow-covered slopes, has focused on Neveplast summer skiing for summer 2022.

A ski slope made of Neveplast material 164 meters long and 12 meters wide and served by a conveyor belt is operational throughout the summer.  To give even greater appeal to the project there is a Neveplast TUBBY track 60 meters long with a springboard, located next to the ski -slope.

The project was carried out with the collaboration of Sunkid, a partner of the Bergamo-based company for many years.

Jean-Sebastien at the head of Leisure Solution Group for the leisure development of Val d’Allos.

“This is the first track with these characteristics in France and I am very proud of how we managed to build it in record time. It is a slope that is entertaining everyone, from children to adults, from small athletes of ski clubs and teams to beginners who learn to ski in the summer in a family context to be ready in a few months on real snow.

With Neveplast there was immediately a great feeling: it is a very serious company that has two topics very much at heart: the development and diffusion of skiing and the theme of environmental sustainability”.

Neveplast project

The Nevplast project (ski slope and tubing) is part of the strategic plan of Val d’Allos which, through a policy of tourist seasonal adjustment, expanding the offer in the summer periods, tries to redistribute the tourist flows over different or longer periods than only winter months.

A strategy that has been a trend for years among mountain ski resorts increasingly oriented to investing in projects outside the main season for the sustainability of the entire system.

he Neveplast ski slope also proved to be an excellent alternative for the ski clubs that in this hot summer, with suffering and mostly closed glaciers, managed to train, skis on, on a terrain that simulates the limit of reality. skiing on natural snow.


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