Friday, July 19th 2013 Livigno (Italy)

This was a very important day for Neveplast that after much anticipation launched another new product for recreational sports. Skiddy is a global first for a revolutionary material that permits electric karts to drive as if they are on snow. With the new material you can experience the adrenaline of drifting while having great fun. Like all the products from Neveplast, men and women both big and small can have a great time. This is above all else a novel product that continues the innovative spirit of the company. Neveplast began with ski slopes for skiers and snowboarders, continued with a creative product for technical Nordic skiing and then invented the first track for the classical technique of Nordic skiing. Immediately afterwards came TUBBY (snow-tubing for all seasons) with a series of modular accessories that made construction easy in diverse locations. Skiddy is the latest arrival. A new product that maintains Neveplast’s love of the environment with products that are both modular and easy to install. Skiddy was born after two years of research and development in order to satisfy the ever more attentive needs of their clients. Neveplast, technology and research in the service of entertainment and sport.

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IMG_2857 Neveplast-Skiddy-11www
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