The first ever TUBBY slide in the world celebrates its 12th year in business. Neveplast Artificial Ski Slopes is proud of our growing business off of referrals, as well as, having installations exceeding 10 years of operating to the public. 12 years later without replacement of the material the enthusiasm of the customers has not dropped and the material looks new. The only changes that have been made is that the client has chosen our new Snowtube Evo with a personal customization on the tubes, with this change it has given more color and youth to the facility. Even the ski slope that has almost reached 10 years of operation and has continued to exceed expectations for both guest and ski instructors who use the facility. All of us at Neveplast Artificial Ski Slopes would like to wish continued success for many years to all of our clients.

Below is the video of the first ever Neveplast Ski Slope and tubing run www.vimeo.com/69691843

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