Neveplast Tubby – key player in a summer of RELAUNCH


Neveplast Tubby – key player in SUMMER 2020

Summer 2020 has been all about relaunch. In Italy and not only, many tourist resorts and amusement parks decided to introduce one of the most beloved Neveplast products to their offer: the Neveplast Tubby, ideal for both, adults and children.

Among the most interesting projects of the season are the new summer tubing slopes of Zakopane (Poland), Italy (Altopiano di Asiago), Ukraine and the one realized in lovely Swiss town of Villar-sur-Ollon.

Luca Mosele, manager of the Turcio Fun Park in Asiago says:
We are extremely pleased of the results obtained with the new Neveplast Tubby slope. In terms of both, number of visitors and clients’ satisfaction, the summer season has been for us really positive. Despite the late opening at the beginning of August and the attraction operating for just over a month for obvious health-related issues, the initiative was certainly successful”.

In such a complicate and unconventional summer in which Covid-19 left a permanent mark, the tourism & leisure sector was able to react, spreading positives messages of resilience and relaunch to other industries.

The pandemic emergency forced everyone into reinvention, with the challenge of adapting to the “new normal” and the necessity of switching to a new decisional line, aimed at attracting and retaining customers with new/adapted tools.

For this reason, in Italy and not only, several tourist resorts and amusement parks chose Neveplast Tubby slope to RELAUNCH their activity, extending their offer with one of the families’ all-time favorite Neveplast products.

Neveplast Tubby has been chosen by tourist operators and amusement park managers to attract new customers and retain the old ones. It represents indeed the perfect compromise between (shared) fun and safety, fundamental aspects in the leisure sector.

Among the most interesting projects of the season are the new summer tubing slopes of Zakopane (Poland), Italy (Altopiano di Asiago), Ukraine and the one realized in lovely Swiss town of Villar-sur-Ollon.


Early in August, the Turcio Fun Park, located on the Altopiano di Asiago (Plateau of Asiago), opened to the public its new summer tubing slope achieving resounding success. The park, surrounded by nature and already well-equipped to offer its visitors amusement and relax during the winter season, added to its existing offer a 106-meter-long slope, provided with two parabolic turns and a conveyor belt. The huge interest arisen towards the Neveplast Tubby slope was also due to the optimal location chosen for the realization of the project. The park is indeed a very popular getaway especially for the families residing in the surrounding areas and regions which consider the Altopiano di Asiago their number one choice for winter and summer vacation.


The stunning holiday destination of Villars-sur-Ollon, located right in the heart of the Vaudois Alps owns, since summer 2020, a brand new Neveplast Tubby slope. The lovely town, which dominates the Rhône valley at an altitude of 1300m, is now provided with 104 meters of pure fun spiced up with two parabolic turns. The slope is served by a very handy conveyor belt supplied by Neveplast and produced by Sunkid which also finds a spot during the winter season in a school camp entirely dedicated to skiers and snowboarders.
The Neveplast Tubby slope was, also in this case, pleasantly integrated in the surrounding context of an equipped park for bikers.


In the Polish ski area of Gubałówka (Zakopane) Neveplast built a summer tubing slope 106-meter-long with four parabolic turns which heavily contribute to amplifying the thrills of the ride down the mountain.
The artificial slope was realized in the valley underneath the Gubałówka cable railway (1123m above sea level), one of the main attractions of Zakopane and Podhale. The cable railway was subject to a deep modernization in 2001, becoming one of the most up to date of the country. Gubałówka is a must-see for visitors. There they can enjoy the breathtaking Polish landscapes and the viewpoints on the Tartra mounts, as well as great tourist offers for both, summer and winter season.


The Tubby Viking Park in Ukraine recently increased its appeal thanks to the construction of two new Tubby slopes supplied by Neveplast. During summer 2020 indeed, the park provided itself with an 82-meter-long slope with two parabolic turns, and additionally with a Tubby Jump slope specifically conceived for thrill enthusiasts. On this attraction visitors get to glide down the slope and end their ride with a comfortable and safe landing on a Big Air Bag following a nice jump.
The Tubby Viking Park, crown jewel of the amusement themed parks of the country, took advantage of the collaboration with Neveplast to send out positive messages of innovation and rebirth.

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