On the occasion of the “Audi Quattro Day”, the German car company wanted to recreate in an urban context a simulation of driving on snow to allow its customers the opportunity to test first-hand the safety and the reliability of its models. Thanks to Neveplast SKIDDY surface it was possible to demonstrate to AUDI and PIRELLI customers the difference in traction between front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. Neveplast SKIDDY surface allowed to appreciate the excellent traction properties of the AUDI QUATTRO system paired with PIRELLI winter tires. Even in braking the particular conformation of the Neveplast SKIDDY surface allowed to use all the electronic control systems of which the AUDI cars are equipped.

Neveplast SKIDDY not only turns out to be great for drifting with Karts but faithfully reproduces all the conditions of the snow being able also, thanks to its exceptional durability withstand a weigh of up to two tons and a power of more than 150 CV.

You can watch the movie of this event at the following link

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