Neveplast, besides creating several permanent facilities, is increasingly being contacted by government agencies and companies that want to promote mountain tourism and ski resorts, with temporary events usually inside cities.

Undoubtedly the construction of a ski slope in areas typically flat and away from the mountains, creates a strong media appeal. One example of this is the school camp structure realized on the occasion of the “Altaquota” trade show in Bergamo, a renowned exhibition hall of the mountain tourism and outdoor sports. The installation has been realized in the external area of the fair and achieved a great success: hundreds of children literally rushed the school camp, and the astonished parents had to accept this, but with great pleasure!

In summer, with favorable weather conditions, children are much more motivated to wear boots and skis and have fun on the track: a Neveplast track can be conceived as a gym where children and adults can go to ski, learning properly the discipline or perfecting their style waiting for a new winter season.

The purpose of this initiative, promoted by Promoberg (Agency Fair), and with the help of local ski schools that have provided their ski instructors, was to introduce children to the ski world and then create new skiers who will be happy to go to the mountains during the winter.

To widen the target audience the trade show has decided to install a structure for freestyle skiing with jumping into the Big Air Bag. During the three days of the event riders performed tricks and breathtaking maneuvers which wowed the thousand of people who came for the occasion.

artificial-ski-slopes-neveplast Neveplast-dry-ski-slopes


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