May 2012, Pombia (Italy).

On May 7th at the Zoo/Amusement Park “Safari Park” in Pombia (Italy) was inaugurated a new attraction to give further entertainment for the public. Paying attention to the strategic choices the client wanted to create something very exciting but at the same time economy, with low management cost and environmentally-friendly to meet the philosophy of the park. They wanted to replace an old SLALOM attraction with a product abreast with the times. Once consulted, Neveplast proposed, through its planning department, to change the structure without removing it but replacing old and obsolete slides with Tubby tracks. The intervention took place very quickly, just five days of work for changing the leading structure and two for assembling of TUBBY that met immediately with success among the client and the public. The property, attentive to a natural and environmental philosophy has well-thought to have the tracks in blue color to resume the concept of a water course and to call the attraction “Zambesi Boat”. This name reminds the important river that crosses the lands where many animals in Safary Park were born and the amazing Victoria Falls, which seem to be ride on the snowtubes TUBBY. Even the scenography was made with the same philosophy with simple wood as integral element of the entire structure. The tracks have a length of 40 Mt each. With a small expense, it was possible to give new life to an obsolete facility.

Technical data of the structure:
Height Mts. 7
Lenght Mts. 40
Dimensions Mts. 6,50 x 45
Hourly capacity 500 runs

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