Neveplast Minitubby


The thrilling experience of TUBBY slide is available everywhere with MINITUBBY CLASSIC. From now on, you can slide down a tubby slide, even without ground inclinations available! MINITUBBY CLASSIC includes an autoclave treated wooden structure of 22 metres length and 5 metres width, with a downhill slide and an easy uphill. Designed for relatively small spaces, MINITUBBY CLASSIC satisfies for the increasing demand for entertainment activities among shopping centres and playgrounds, but also events and grand openings. Due to the quality of the materials, MINITUBBY CLASSIC is a ‘green’ product, which works perfectly without water and electricity. Moreover, this slide can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Its small size and high hourly capacity make MINITUBBY CLASSIC the perfect track for all different kinds of needs.


Do you also want to enjoy the success of MINITUBBY, but are you looking for an advanced version? Perhaps the cutting-edge MINITUBBY EVO suits your needs. In this EVO (as evolution) version, we integrated a new lighting system that can make you feel like sliding through the night sky. With its galvanized steel-structure, this MINITUBBY provides even more ease in moving and installing! Just like MINITUBBY CLASSIC, this EVO-variant is eco-friendly and can be installed everywhere.


MINITUBBY SMART is our newest version, specifically designed for the operators of the leisure sector. With its integrated trailer, this MINITUBBY is easily movable and can turn into a tubby slide in just a matter of minutes. This brand new innovation of Neveplast has all the flexibility a temporary attraction needs, without compromising the quality of our earlier MINITUBBY-systems. This MINITUBBY is perfectly suitable to be installed at, for example, events. Those who are seeking an innovative product, which is fast and easy to assemble will love MINITUBBY SMART.


Minitubby lands to Leolandia theme park from Neveplast on Vimeo.