Neveplast Np50


Neveplast NP50 SK (Skating) and NP50 TC (Classic Technique) allow you to create true and proper sport centers in the city or in the mountain that give the possibility to everyone to try Nordic skiing and to practice year round. It’s possible to create competitive centers for teaching, training, and conducting competitions.


Product studied and produced that has excellent slipperiness offering the typical sensations of snowy conditions:
The principal characteristics of NP50 SK are:

  • Optimal side grip during the pushing phase thanks to the design of the bristles and the mix of the plastic from which it is made.
  • Slipperiness similar to real snow without needing the slope to be wet.
  • Possibility to install on various types of terrain:  grass, asphalt, wood, and cement.


Neveplast NP50 TC reproduces the tracks left in the snow from groomers offering the passionate followers of the classic technique a valid alternative in the absence of snow. Neveplast N50 TC is particularly indicated for the amateur and for teaching.
The principal characteristics of NP50 TC are:

  • In the ABS shell there are two lanes of NP50 SK inserted for where the skis slide.
  •  Alongside the lanes there is a 30 cm ABS side profile.
  • The Neveplast NP50 TC shell can be realized for every type of terrain guaranteeing the absolute best performance for slipperiness and grip during the pushing phase.
  • The dimensions of the lanes reproduce those requested by the FIS standards for races.

Biathlon with Neveplast makes a show in Aosta city center from Neveplast on Vimeo.

The Next Generation of Cross-Country Skiing by Neveplast from Neveplast on Vimeo.

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