Neveplast brings skiing to the cities!

Urban Ski Lab, the winter sport center in the center of Bergamo, celebrates its first birthday and it is time to sum up!  The Neveplast ski slope held more than 16.000 unity/lesson of ski classes among groups and individual lessons and very remarkable, no accidents were recorded so far!

The Urban Ski Lab was conceived to introduce the students of the schools next door to the sport of skiing but soon it opened its door to classes for everyone. There are many advantages in managing a teaching ski area in the city: first of all it is easily reachable by large number of people, it is open 365 days a year and last but not least its outstanding hourly capacity, that can reach up to 60 people at the same time. Extremely low management costs and great media appeal make the Neveplast teaching slope an incredible business opportunity. Neveplast has always believed and was promoter of the concept of Urban Skiing as an excellent tool to create new snow lovers. By making skiing accessible in the city it is possible to grow new fan that will populate the traditional ski resorts and the mountains during the winter, promoting the activity of skiing and snowboarding.

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