Start your engines with the new Skiddy track in Poland!

Neveplast Skiddy lands in Poland.

In Olsztyn, the second largest city in Poland, from summer 2019 you can find Neveplast Skiddy at the Kormoran Kart Track. Projected by polish native Maciej Marcinkiewicz, winner of the GT championship, who decided to include a Neveplast drift-kart circuit fitted for fuel powered go-karts at his renowned go-kart track.
For Neveplast this means not only the first permanent Skiddy track in Poland but also the first made with the brand new Np30+ surface .
We were looking for something new and fun to offer our clients, other than the standard go-kart track and the simulator”- says Maciej Marcinkiewicz- “The Skiddy track has been studied with a declination for drifting-racing: Neveplast is gray like racing asphalt and the barriers are red and white, referring to the colors of a racing track. Drifting with fuel powered go-karts is adrenaline in its purest state. The track works really well for events, races put on by businesses, and races between friends” – concludes Maciej.

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