Inauguration of Romania’s Longest Neveplast Ski Slope at Aprilia Park

We are excited to share one of our most recent projects in Romania: the ski slope and Tubby slides at Aprilia Park, located in Gorj County. For Aprilia Park, this is a true milestone: the Neveplast “year-round” ski slope is, in fact, the largest in the country. This ambitious project has become a reality thanks to the dedication and trust of numerous people involved.

“The Aprilia Park people said that “after a lot of effort and hope, tens of thousands of cubic meters of excavated soil, thousands of working hours, hundreds of technicians, collaborators and people involved in the project, dozens of machines and all in only one year the Aprilia Park complex is ready for the inauguration of its incredible all year round ski slope.”

Here are some details that will make this slope a must-visit for winter sports enthusiasts:

• Length: The ski slope boasts an impressive length of 311 meters, providing skiers and snowboarders with an extraordinary experience. 

• Tubing: Three tubing courses run along the ski slope: two straight tracks measuring 166 meters each, and one track with two parabolic curves measuring 176 meters. The Tubby tunnel adds an extra special touch to the tubing park for both adults and children.

• Quality Materials: The slope is constructed using the renowned Neveplast material, ensuring a skiing experience that closely resembles natural snow skiing. 

• Spacious Area: The entire area covered by the slope spans over 7,000 square meters, offering ample space to fully enjoy the “snow” experience.

Aprilia Park, known for its water park operating since 2011, also offers a variety of activities besides skiing, including basketball, beach volleyball, ping pong, and much more. With 4,000 square meters of beach and three large hot water pools, it’s an ideal place for relaxation and fun.

With Romania boasting almost 100 conventional ski resorts, Aprilia Park’s Neveplast ski slope stands out as a true gem, making snow fun accessible and enjoyable for both residents and tourists.

Stay tuned for more updates, and expect to see smiles on the faces of winter sports enthusiasts soon.

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