Neveplast launches a brand new product with an innovative concept!

It is a premiere worldwide for functionality and attractiveness. MINITUBBY SMART, the TUBBY slide easy, compact and fast! MINITUBBY SMART becomes a TUBBY slide in few minutes and it is easily moveable because of the trailer included. Designed for flat and small spaces, MINITUBBY SMART is the right product for funfairs, shopping malls, amusement parks but also events and grand openings! Now you can have fun sliding with no need of ground inclinations! With the embodies illumination system it can be used also at night time! MINITUBBY SMART is a ecofriendly product that thanks to the high quality of the material can be installed both indoor and outdoor.

Small dimensions, low costs and high hourly capacity makes MINITUBBY SMART the ideal product for any need.


neveplast-summer-tubing neveplast-summer-tubing
Neveplast-summer-tubing  neveplast-summer-tubing
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