S-KID: drifting go-karts for kids, developed by Neveplast.

To the delight of children S-KID, drifting go-karts for kids, developed by Neveplast, has arrived at the Arese “Il Centro” shopping mall, on the outskirts of Milan.

S-KID is the fantastic new feature in the entertainment area of the Arese mall, one of the largest shopping centers in Europe.  The S-KID track, as the name itself recalls, was born from the Skiddy experience, the format dedicated to electric karts on a low-grip Neveplast track that simulates driving on snow and ice with the sound of drifts.

S-KID, thanks to special karts with dual motors and boosted has been custom-designed to meet the needs of younger drivers who are looking for safety and maximum fun.

  Paolo Bertolini, manager S-KID Arese 

“In the end, the success of an initiative is always measured by the numbers and the smiles of the children. As for the numbers, over 10.000 children have ridden on our track during the Christmas time. As for the smiles, take a look at the photos and videos we took and be the judges!”.

The well 120-meter-long track, , with state-of-the-art electric karts, was made with a Neveplast surface designed with unique sliding characteristics that generates the snow/ice effect. Behind the wheel of the electric karts, the little drivers have the opportunity to have fun as well as to learn, simulating skidding, drifting, counter-steering and overtaking as if they were really driving on a snowy surface. The S-Kid track in Arese recorded great numbers throughout the winter period, in which it remained operating to the great satisfaction of the center’s owners and parents. 

Green fun : Neveplast + electric karts

The Arese shopping center, eveloped on an area of 93,000 square meters, “Il Centro” houses over 200 stores and more than 30 refreshment points. always attentive to the issue of environmental sustainability, has also appreciated the eco-friendly declination of the S-Kid drift kart track composed of electric karts and an environmentally friendly Neveplast track.


The specific target of users is from 8 to 20 years old. Children under 8 years of age are able to use the track only if accompanied by an adult.

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