Urban Ski Lab: the year-round ski training center for ski clubs in Lombardy


 Urban Ski Lab: the year-round ski training center for ski clubs in Lombardy

Over the past 4 years the UrbanSkiLab has been an in-town training ground for the Lombardy ski clubs.

Goggi Ski Club coach, national alpine skiing instructor and former athlete Niccolò Colombi says:

“For us, the UrbanSkiLab has become an in-town training ground, especially for the fall season. On the Neveplast slope we do an exceptional preparation work, and we insist on educational exercises which subsequently prove to be extremely useful when training on real snow. It is a great opportunity to alternate on-glacier trainings with those at home, in our city. Skiing on Neveplast’s synthetic surface is the most effective way to train in town and in every season.

 The Goggi Ski Club welcomed with great enthusiasm the opening of the Urban Ski Lab in Bergamo. For the kids approaching competitions, our recommendation is always to ski as much as possible, in every condition and on different surfaces. Freeride skiing, skiing on icy snow, in and outside the gates.

A training session on Neveplast is 100% in line with an exciting and diversified training program. The fact that the UrbanSkiLab is in the heart of the city, in a protected and green environment and a few minutes away from home is priceless.

For sure Neveplast is not snow, but thus far it is the mantle that gets closer to a layer of compact snow. 

The parents also like this alternative. Knowing that their children will train on skis in the morning and then will be back home for lunch is comforting, given the long travels the usually face to train on glaciers.

For us the UrbanSkiLab is also helpful when it comes to little athletes that sign up to the ski club for the very first time. In just a few runs we are able to evaluate their technical abilities on skis and to place them in the group which best fits their characteristics.

Concerning advanced skiers on the other hand, I believe that the Neveplast Start Section, (the system aimed at training athletes’ skills in the starting gate) is an extremely valuable tool. Not only for downhill skiers, but for everyone. The hundredths of seconds lost at the starting gate are very difficult to recover. I speak as former athlete and coach.

As a citizen of Bergamo and skiing passionate and professional, I am proud to say that Neveplast is made in Bergamo.

I was lucky enough to take part in the last product development of the company, and after testing the latest innovation the only thing I’d like to say is “keep going like this!”

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